PayDirt™ from Timbuktu Outdoors is an all natural, granular scent attractant for localizing deer traffic. Used as directed, PayDirt™ will quickly draw deer to new food plots, mineral products or any other area.

PayDirt™ is designed to aid deer in locating feed supplements. Once located, deer will repeatedly return. Unlike competing liquid products, PayDirt™ yields a continuous draw and will not dry out or wash away with rain.

DIRECTIONS: To attract deer to a desired location, simply pour the entire contents of container near new food plots or mineral products and walk away. PayDirt's™ sweet, deer-friendly aroma will do the rest. Replenish PayDirt™ as needed. The rate of use will depend on the number of deer in the zone.

Under a moderate load, one application will last four to six weeks. Increase application as zone load increases.

Results you can bank on, PayDirt™

  • all natural scent lure, dominant buck attractant
  • all natural molasses and honey scent
  • localize traffic and hold deer for new food plots, mineral products, or in any area to produce a high traffic zone aids in deer locating feed supplements
  • deer are quickly drawn to the scent of PayDirt and will repeatedly return; continuous draw
  • rate of use depends on number of deer in zone, as deer are drawn in they attack the site vigorously and thus deplete the scent.
  • for best results use one entire container at each site, and re-apply every four to six weeks minimally.
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