Fisher's Choice™ Superworms

Fisher's Choice™ canned bait are the ideal solution to the hassles of live bait. Conveniently packaged, you can keep them on the shelf ready to use whenever the fish are biting. The unique packaging process of Fisher's Choice™ locks in natural juices keeping them soft and moist, just like live bait. While soft and palatable to fish, our superworms are more firm than live superworms, which means more casts per worm. Unlike live bait they've also been enhanced with an all natural scent attractant. It is becoming more widely known that fish are heavily scent driven creatures. In side by side comparisons, fish go after Fisher's Choice™ bait over unscented live bait. Try them and not only will you be hooked, but so will the fish you're after.

Use anytime and with any type of fish for which live bait would be considered.

Sizes: 35 g (1.2 oz), 70 g (2.4oz) pictured

  • Soft and moist like live bait
  • Shelf life of five years, so they're ready to go when you are. No stopping at the bait shop
  • Over 80-100 superworms in 70 g can
  • Large mealworm type worms
  • Good to use when fish are feeding on larvae or grub type foods and can be used for a wide variety of panfish, catfish, and trout
  • Recommended by acclaimed angler and hunter, O’Neill Williams
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